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Wild linden leaf salad & co

It's the beginning of May. The green grows everywhere and is tender and young. Ideal conditions for a tasty game salad.

I take the following ingredients directly from nature:

  • Young linden leaves

  • Some dandelion leaves for a bitter taste component

  • A couple of dandelion flowers for the look

  • Wild chives from the meadow

  • Some late wild garlic leaves for flavor

I also use:

  • Salad oil

  • salt

  • pepper

  • Onions

  • vinegar

  • sugar


The leaves are washed in clean or boiled water.

I cut the chives and wild garlic into small pieces.

I mix the other ingredients into a vinaigrette to make the salad and taste it.

When the salad has drained off, I mix it with the vinaigrette and let it steep for about 209 minutes. Game lettuce is not as tender as a garden or grown salad.

The further the year has progressed, the harder the leaves become. In late summer it is usually better to cook yourself a spinach than to prepare a salad.


I find this salad very mild and tasty. You can vary with the recipe.

You could also chop up caught fish or fruit. This is also very tasty and makes it more nutritious.

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